Social bowling

I work in a bowling company. We install bowlings, we sell bowling balls. Simple as that.

Being a marketeer,  I introduced social media as an extra dimension in our communication a while back. Since then I notice that the discussion on the pro’s and con’s of these social media in our company is really open. Every week a new colleague joins Twitter, not always participating in an active way, but more discovering the possibilities (and probably peeking what I am doing).

We even keep in touch with our partners on these networks who also start to discover the benefits of being a conversation-driven company. After one of our partners told me how great one type of bowlingball must be after reading our tweets, I was surprised. This person had no real personal interest in bowling, yet he started conversating about bowling balls.

Being a partner and all that could be one of the reasons. Being intruiged by our tweets, could be another. Whatever it was: we talked about bowling balls, in a real life conversation.

And that’s the point after all, isn’t it?

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